Lead 3D Engine Developer

As part of our  client's team you can expect to:

  1. Be comfortable working with many areas of code such as tools, plugins, physics and graphics.

  2. Help expand and maintain our core engine and API.

  3. Working with the senior team members to design & implement our architectural plan.

  4. Work as the senior-level generalist and be comfortable with being the “go-to” person for a certain platform or feature.

  5. Work with a multi talented team that focus from the top down, driving all feature development from our design vision, the user & the new opportunities that VR/AR provides.

What we are looking for:

  1. 5+ years commercial experience having built and maintained a custom 3D engine.

  2. Understanding of 3D math.

  3. Deep understanding of 3D graphics programming : OpenGL, DirectX, Vulcan.

  4. Enjoys jumping into lots of different systems, tackling everything from entire systems to random tasks.

  5. Strong knowledge of C# (will also consider excellent C++ knowledge).

  6. Experience writing code that balances performance and maintainability.

  7. Experience and familiarity with working practices such as Agile, Lean, TDD, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery.

  8. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent demonstrable industry experience.

  9. Passionate about VR & AR technology.

Bonus points but not essential:

  1. Experience working with multithreaded, real-time systems.

  2. Experience in C++ (with focus on OOP), Lua & other embedded scripting languages.

  3. Experience developing VR/AR applications.

  4. Developed open source projects.