Research Scientist (Machine Learning)

Our client is looking for a Research Scientist to join an exciting autonomous driving start-up in Cambridge, MA. They're working on state-of-the-art algorithms to develop a human-like, predictive AI system for autonomous vehicles to navigate complex environments.

They are looking for Research Scientists to join their Perception, Motion Planning, and Machine Learning teams in Cambridge, MA, Pittsburgh, PA, Mountain View, CA or Dallas, TX.

The ideal candidate has several years of research/work experience.

Role responsibilities include:

  • Leading research contributing to the development of humanistic AI for autonomous systems
  • Conducting research in the areas of: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Perception, Modeling, Simulation, Applied Mathematics, Probabilistic Modeling and Inference or related areas
  • Collaborating with engineering and business teams to develop novel solutions to real-world problems
  • Designing experiments and metrics for benchmarking results
  • Publishing research in top-tier conferences and journals


  • PhD in PhD in Robotics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Control Engineering, Machine Learning, Statistics, or a related field
  • Passionate about self-driving vehicles and real-world robotics solutions.
  • Experience collecting, processing, and analyzing real-world data.
  • Strong presentation and communication skills.


  • Publication record in top-tier conferences in Robotics and related fields.
  • Programming experience, ideally with Python and/or C++.
  • Robotics experience is a plus.