Robotics Engineer

Our client is looking for a Robotics Engineer to join an exciting autonomous driving start-up in Cambridge, MA. They're working on state-of-the-art algorithms to develop a human-like, predictive AI system for autonomous vehicles to navigate complex environments.

The ideal candidate has several years of experience gained by working in industry, an academic research lab, or through internships

Role responsibilities include:

  • Development of high-quality implementations of algorithms from one or more of the following areas: Planning, Controls, Perception, Prediction, Simulation, Mapping, Localization.
  • Benchmarking and maintaining developed modules.
  • Testing algorithms in simulation and on road. 
  • Collaborate with team for testing, evaluation and review of code.


  • Degree in Robotics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Control Engineering, or a related field- Hands-on experience with developing and deploying algorithms on real robots
  • Experience with modern robotics development frameworks (e.g. ROS)- Strong C++ and/or Python skills
  • Passionate about self-driving vehicles and real-world robotics solutions.- Strong presentation and communication skills.


  • Publication record in top-tier conferences in Robotics and related fields.
  • 3+ yrs industrial experience in deploying Robotics algorithms in real-world scenarios.
  • Experience with mobile robots and autonomous vehicles is a plus.