Product Manager - Ecosystem

Are you an obsessively user-focused product manager or startup founder who loves working with deeply technical products in a high stakes and highly dynamic environment? 

PMs  are responsible for the key products which make up the platform, its supporting tooling and the broader ecosystem. The details of this tooling will certainly change over time but there are several main categories:

  1. DevX: Developer Experience
  2. FinTech: Wallets, payment products and financial on- and off-ramps
  3. Ecosystem: Partner engineering, infrastructure and internal apps

**Ecosystem:** Our ecosystem will include a wide range of different applications, some of which will be produced by us, some by partners we work with directly and others by developers taking advantage of permissionless innovation.  To build a robust ecosystem and an effective technology, we need to make sure all these products, which can range from infrastructure tools to consumer-facing apps, are built to the highest standard and brought to market effectively.  

To be successful with Ecosystem products, the PM: Ecosystem needs to combine stellar entrepreneurial vision with highly adaptive execution and great communication with both internal and external parties.  If you like juggling many different products at once, this is the right spot. It will sometimes feel like product advisory, sometimes like being in a product studio and sometimes like running a startup.

As a member of our product team, you have to be completely on your A-game as a PM.  You will need to combine a high level of versatility in a fast-changing environment with the focus necessary to ship real products to market on aggressive timelines.  This isn’t a role for people who are used to having everything laid out clearly for them, it’s one for entrepreneurs with an ownership mentality who can independently identify opportunities and then have the initiative to sell them to the team and ultimately seize them.  We are far more interested in rock star generalists than big company drones who push metrics 10%% a year.

While we absolutely value slope over y-intercept, this is a position for well experienced PMs and founders operating at the top of their potential and not a training program.


## Requirements:

  1. 5+ years as a PM or founder who has shipped highly technical products and owned strategic roadmaps in startup environments.
  2. Absolutely world class vision and execution across all areas of product strategy, design, development, marketing and management.
  3. B.S. from a top university, advanced degrees preferred, with engineering and economics/finance coursework.


## Get to know us

We are building the infrastructure of the decentralized web, including the smart contract platform and a variety of supporting tools.  We are a scalable blockchain designed to provide the performance and user experience necessary to bridge the gap to mainstream adoption of decentralized applications.  Unlike other next-generation blockchains, this network has been built from the ground up to be the easiest in the world for both developers and their end-users while still providing the scalability necessary to serve those users.


## Working with us

You have the chance to become an early member of a world-class team with significant upside. The opportunity we are tackling will completely reshape the landscape of the web for decades to come and potentially affect billions of people.  We are funded by the top names in the industry and have attracted the best technical minds in the world to create a technology that will directly change the lives of billions of people.

This is a performance culture where you’ll be working alongside -- and learning from -- other top quality teammates executing at their best.  We value boldness, ownership, transparency, curiosity and experimentation. We pay competitively plus we offer all employees full health benefits, daily lunch and a fully stocked office within walking distance of BART in SOMA.

If you’re excited by the challenge of winning in the fastest moving ecosystem as a member of its best team, this might be a good fit.