Scene Perception Researcher, Visual AI Research and Development Lab, Mountain View, CA

Our client is a visual AI research & development lab in the San Francisco Bay Area, applying novel computer vision technologies to an exciting consumer application to be launched to hundreds of millions of users by a beloved global brand.

They have an opening for an applied research scientist, with substantial hands-on experience with 2D/3D vision using both state-of-the-art neural networks and classic techniques, to join our lab of scientists & engineers.

As a Scene Perception Researcher, you will propose, study, evaluate and develop deep neural network architectures that advance the state of the art for visual scene perception, and establish new state of art for relevant unsolved problems. You must be well versed in current literature applying deep learning to 2D and 3D computer vision, have mastery of modern CNN/RNN architectures / building blocks / training techniques, and possess a strong scientific method.

You must also have excellent, proficient, hands-on engineering skills, be eager to solve technical problems that you have not encountered before, and be adventurous and enthusiastic about entrepreneurial innovation.


  • Advanced degree in visual machine learning from competitive program preferred.
  • 4+ years of graduate and/or industrial experience with vision-based deep learning.
  • Expert understanding of modern neural network methods for 2D & 3D vision.
  • Excellent foundations in 2D & 3D computer vision, and substantial hands-on experience with related problems such as depth estimation, semantic segmentation, feature detection, matching & optical flow, novel-view synthesis, computational photography, context-aware inpainting, style inference & transfer.
  • Strong Python programming experience (in Linux environments) is required.
  • Strong hands-on experience using deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and/or PyTorch is required.
  • Solid applied math skills in linear algebra, probabilities, linear & non-linear optimization.
  • BONUS: Experience with computer graphics &/or computational photography a plus.
  • BONUS: Excellent C++ programming skills a plus.
  • Excellent scientific method. You must be able to efficiently experiment and identify promising directions.
  • You must be a "doer" not only a "talker". You must be able to conceive, develop and deliver improvements to the state-of-the-art.
  • Must be entrepreneurial, collaborative, and comfortable with ambiguity & uncertainty.


  • Unique opportunity to deliver first-to-market, scene perception advancements to hundreds of millions of people.
  • Opportunity to publish novel research, participate in conferences, and collaborate with partners in academia.
  • We will sponsor U.S. work visas for international candidates.
  • We are in a great location in downtown Mountain View, California, one block from Caltrain & restaurants, and close to the Stevens Creek bicycle trail.