Senior Software Engineer (Full-stack)

Our client mission is to solve climate change by restoring nature. Climate change requires us to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Forests are the way to do it. They use satellite imaging and machine learning to measure and monitor forests.

They are building the world‘s first verified forest carbon marketplace. They watch forests, track carbon offsets, and connect buyers to high-quality projects. 

They need your help to bring transparency and to increase the use of forests to remove carbon. 


The job is remote, but they prefer candidates to be within three hours of the Pacific time zone.


You will:

  • be solving complex problems without known answers.
  • be joining a small, passionate, and skilled team.
  • be responsible for delivering delightful experiences.
  • work with experts in forest science and machine learning.
  • support data infrastructure to services to frontend experiences.

We expect you to:

  • learn fast and be humble.
  • take part in strategic thinking and take apart problems. 
  • ship high-quality software.
  • communicate well and document better.
  • have fun. 


  • Python (e.g FastAPI, Tensorflow)
  • React and Redux
  • Postgres / PostGIS
  • BigQuery
  • Kubernetes