Head of People

Our client is looking for a Head of People to join their exciting team. Their project is unlike anything else out there -- it combines the collaborative community of an open-source project with aspects of developer platforms like Amazon's AWS. This provides a unique opportunity for a visionary people leader: you will not just help them to build and support its internal team, but you will be a vital part of creating cultural initiatives which echo throughout the ecosystem and affect potentially thousands of participants while you help grow and support the Core Team.  In that way, there is both the scrappy culture of a startup and the impact of a large enterprise or a cultural movement.

The Role

As the Head of People, you will occupy this driver's seat position for both the organization and the Core Contributor ecosystem. They are building the team rapidly across every part of their global footprint. Their goal is to create an inclusive ecosystem where its members grow, learn and collaborate together rather than operate in silos.

To achieve the first part of this, you will need to extend and augment the existing people operations to handle the scale at which we need to operate. That includes managing the sourcing and hiring of both executive and individual contributors to support core operational, marketing, community and education functions. You will also own the implementation of programs which support the culture of the ecosystem as a whole, including everything from skills training to events to more creative funding and inclusion mechanisms like DAOs. 

Because people are the lifeblood of this team and project, you will have full access to the resources and people you need to facilitate your mission.  You will be expected to own the result and do whatever it takes to get there, including laying out a roadmap and building out your own team along the way.  You will be a visible face of their ecosystem and will interact frequently with the teams and individuals which comprise it.

To be successful, you will need to bring the unlikely combination of 3 things:

  1. A strong and creative vision for building a world class, people-focused, open source culture
  2. Experience building, leading and managing teams which are people-first but also highly effective and operational
  3. Familiarity with the zeitgeist of the blockchain and developer-focused open source communities

Key Outcomes

  1. Implementation of a clear people growth plan and culture support plan for the NF and ecosystem
  2. Scale the  core team from 12 to 36 by the end of 2021
  3. Support the Core Contributor ecosystem by helping it scale from 75 to 150 by end of 2021
  4. There are clear pathways for community contributors to uplevel themselves and move from casual contribution to more formal levels of engagement with organizations in the ecosystem.


This is a senior-level position which requires someone who combines the experience of working in successful technology ventures with the scrappiness of someone who understands startups and the open source communities we support.  Specifically:

  1. 8+ years of experience working in people operations, recruiting, human resources and similar roles which required you to own both the sourcing and optimization of world class talent.
  2. Has led the scaling of a tech startup from approximately 100 to 500 people and/or built out an open source developer community of core contributors along the same path
  3. Demonstrated ability to build world class teams and create strong cultures in large organizations and open source projects.
  4. Excellent communication skills, particularly in English.