Contract Standards Leader, (REMOTE), Blockchain

Our client is seeking a leader who can direct the roadmap for standards definition, work with the community to ensure standards are empowering development and advocate for standards adoption throughout the developer community.

You will lead standards definition, implementation and adoption throughout the client organization as well as the developer community. You will work closely with engineering teams within the client to understand standards implications and ensure standards are supported by the developer platform tool, education materials, reference materials and developer relations teams. You will partner with teams implementing the core protocol to ensure standards are understood and reflect the implementation needs of the core protocol. 


This position requires communication with a large number of leaders of other client teams, including engineering, product, developer relations, marketing, developer community, etc. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Working with internal engineers at client and external contributors on improving and evolving the contract standards;
  • Manage the contract standards roadmap and deliverables;
  • Manage the contract standards;  
  • Work with the developer community and key development partners to understand the needs of the community as well as the operational impact of new standards; 
  • Work with engineering managers to define standards implementation throughout the current protocol, tools and interfaces; 


  • Extensive knowledge of blockchain ecosystem, its development tools, and practices;
  • Proven ability to work with a diverse set of internal and external stakeholders; 
  • You should be able to work across other teams like Engineering, Legal, Compliance, Marketing with a shared sense of purpose. No room for ego here. People should want to work with you. Interpersonal skills are a must;
  • You should be a great communicator and remain calm under pressure during any potential incidents or juggling multiple priorities. You should run toward problems. Calm, practical, self-aware, and self-confident approach to assessing and interacting with people;