Computer Vision/Deep Learning Engineer

Our client is looking for a talented Computer Vision/Deep Learning Engineer to join their start-up team in based London. They are working on software that helps autonomous and driver assisted vehicles to understand pedestrian behaviour and intent to reduce accidents on the road. They’re creating a new category of human-centred products to help people and autonomous systems to better understand and work with each other in real time.  

Their tech understands the full range of human behaviour and predicts pedestrian behaviours and intentions. As a critical perception technology, the software integrates with all levels of autonomy, for real-time accident and near miss prevention to improve safety.

The role

You will be part of their core team and help build the foundation of the software stack, using computer vision to generate valuable information from data sources. You will help in creating deep learning architectures and models and eventually integrate them to create innovative decision-making systems for the major players in the autonomous revolution.

Your main responsibilities will include:

  • Developing and analysing deep learning and computer vision models
  • Developing evaluation metrics and model testing procedures
  • Working with data scientists / behavioural psychology teams to understand how insights can be applied to the deep learning models.

Essential Skills

  • 1+ years' experience working on computer vision problems
  • Hands-on experience developing and training deep learning networks using TensorFlow, Keras,
  • Experience with Python, preferably also C/C++


  • BSc/MSc/PhD degree with a high level of Software Engineering (EE, CS) or industry experience showing a similar level