RPO (Recruitment Process Outsource) is an incredibly effective model where we operate as an extension of, or in place of your talent acquisition team (in whole or part), either for the duration of a period of fast growth, or as a long-term partnership. Here we apply the same rigorous search process to drive cost, quality, efficiency, service and scalability benefits.

The difference between Retained Search and RPO is not so much in the service provided but the bespoke pricing and payment model, based on your company’s needs. This would be agreed upon the amount of hires and time scale given with monthly payments made throughout the duration of the contract.

Our RPO service offers you:

  • Long term commitment and dedication from us to support the growth of your team or company
  • Speed, Accuracy & Completion guaranteed
  • Economies of scale, subordinate hires
  • Accurate, live salary data
  • Perception information, directly from market
  • Clarity and consistency of your brand and activities
  • Complete control over process / multiple process

If you would like to discuss any of our services, please reach out to us for an informal chat.