Prashanth Mani, QA Tests Manager @ Immerse Lisa is a delight to work with and she has helped me through a recruitment process with one of her amazing clients recently. She puts aside plenty of time when other recruiters probably would not. She also has great follow up tactics and was always honest and kept me posted, she has an eye for detail. I am really glad I got to work with her this past month.
Santiago Ribero, Core Lead Developer @ Masters of Pie  Jo helped me to find a very good job opportunity that makes the most of my skills. She was very patient and listened to my questions along the process. I knew she was kind and professional from the very first moment, when she sent me a personalised video  talking about this great opportunity; instead of the usual copied and pasted message. It was a real pleasure working with her.
Andre Caetano, 3D Environment Artist @ Engage     Jo is a professional and thoughtful person. I found my latest job thanks to Jo’s help and assistance in less than a month! She was always available, informative, responsive and made the recruitment process go smoothly always having in consideration any situation that came up, matching my availability. I highly recommend her.
  Lou Lewis, QA Analyst @ Engage XR Thanks to Jo reaching out about an amazing new opportunity, I had a new role in less than a week! She kept the process moving at all times and was so responsive, a breath of fresh air, and I’d highly recommend her.
Maja Rojic, Content Marketing Manager @ Vorto Gaming I was approached by a great number of recruiters in the past year, but none were like Kamil. Very professional approach with a strong hint of honest involvement and genuine concern – Kamil led me through the entire interviewing and hiring process with utmost care and professionalism. I strongly recommend working with Kamil!
Matthew, S,  DevOps Engineer @ Mindshow Lisa was a wonderful recruiter I worked with during my job searches. She was always a helpful resource to talk to during any interview process I was part along with offering valuable insight to the company. Working with an interview process has been streamlined with their help and I am grateful to have been introduced to her.
  Yuliyan Velichkov, Growth Hacker Kamil is a highly professional and friendly HR expert with great communication skills. During my interactions with him, he has been comprehensively organised and prepared at all times. He has distinguished himself in every way due to his exceptional insight into handling core human resource functions and coming out on top with original ideas.  Kamil, has always expressed care for my well-being while constantly providing efficient help, so I recommend him highly.
Branislav Misic, Frontend Engineer @ Immerse  Working with Lisa was a top-notch experience. she effortlessly guided me through the process, provided all the necessary feedback at perfect timing. Also, I felt genuine care and a heart-warming approach through every single conversation. Lisa is a  true professional and a good person. It has been an honour and a pleasure working with her.
DJPangburn, Marketing Content Editor/Writer/Strategist @ NEAR Protocol Kamil found me here on LinkedIn and – based on my background as a Marketing Content Writer, Copywriter, and Journalist- thought i’d be a great fit for a Content role with a blockchain platform. Our first conversation was super relaxed, informative and inspiring. I think this has much to do with Kamil coming to the table as a recruiter with a lot of confidence because he knows what a company wants and isn’t guessing what they might like in applicants. This is an absolutely vital quality for a recruiter to have, in my opinion. Kamil was also very supportive during the interview processes. He regularly stayed in touch to see how things were progressing and worked as an advocate for me but also the company. If your business is looking for a talented and committed tech industry recruiter, then Kamil should be at the top of your list. If you’re an applicant looking for a great advocate, then you will be in great hands with Kamil.
Damian Parrino, Documentation Engineer @ NEAR Protocol I met Kamil when he contacted me about a job position for a blockchain company. From the very first message, he was always friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to follow up and provide feedback along the process. When I completed the interviewing process, he was ready to help with offer negotiation so both could reach a deal. In the complex area of IT and HR, having an expert like Kamil on your side in a guarantee of positive results.
Patrick Rutkowski, 3D Graphics Engineer @ Geomagical Kamil recently placed me in a wonderful position as a 3D Graphics Engineer. He reached out to me via LinkedIn after having researched my profile and resume. He had a position for me that was truly a perfect match for my skill set. Recruiters can sometimes be guilty of trying to place you “just anywhere” but Kamil put in the effort to find me an authentically perfect fit. He helped me negotiate a very competitive salary, and was there the whole way though the extensive interview process to offer advice and ensure that things went smoothly.
Gurraj Singh Sangha, CFA, Chief Quantitative Investment Officer @ Token Metrics Lisa a veritable tour-de-force in the executive search world. In a business fraught with challenges, Lisa excels — not only is her professionalism second to none, but her thoughtful and meticulous approach in sourcing the very best talent for her clients is truly admirable. Further, her warm and joyful personality is quite endearing. Most importantly, Lisa, makes it a point to constantly keep one updated, on all aspects of the recruitment process and her knowledge of industry and trends speak to her remarkable attention to detail in attaining great success for all parties involved. Without hesitation — you will be well served with Lisa Darbyshire leading your hiring efforts!
Alex Tinsman, Vice President of Marketing @ NEAR Protocol Hands down the best experience I’ve ever had with a recruiter. Impeccable follow up and professionalism. Kamil was outstanding every step of the way
Marina Pujol, Head of Marketing @ Immerse My experience with Lisa was excellent throughout the entire process, she was really professional and kept following up with me at every step. It was refreshing to work with Lisa and I would recommend her without hesitation.
Jeremie Grandsenne, Researcher @ I had I had the chance and pleasure to be noticed and contacted by Kamil as a potential worker for his clients, and to exchange with him until I completely matched with one. He put me in touch with several high-level companies and projects, and thanks to him I am now working as a researcher at, which I couldn’t be more delighted about. Kamil has always been both extremely professional and extremely caring about everything all along the process. He answered all of my questions when I had some, gave me regular feedback from the employers anytime he had some to share, was always very quickly ready for a chat or call, and all of this in a continuous very kind and very diligent manner, clearly willing to have everything working smoothly and efficiently. It has been a great and always confirmed pleasure to meet him on my way, to exchange with him and to benefit his expertise and very selected network, and I’m confident his clients feel the same about him. I would recommend him to anyone wishing to work not only with a high level professional, but also with a great quality person.
Mary Li, Customer Success Manager @ Pypestream I’ve had the pleasure to work with Zoe as an interviewee/candidate for a role in the AI space. I was impressed on our first conversation – she is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and the company I was interviewing with, more so than any other outside recruiter I’ve spoken to before. Throughout the process, she was very responsive and helpful and kept the interview process moving quickly. It took only two weeks from the first call to the offer. Now that I’ve accepted and started my new role, I hear praise of her across the entire company at all levels. If that isn’t the reason you should hire her, I don’t know what is!
Abid Hussain – Business Development Manager @ Immersive VR Education Zoe is a pleasure to work with! Incredibly attentive and helpful, while also efficient and productive throughout the whole process. She’s simply fantastic at what she does!
Prateek Gupta – Head of Developer Content @ NEAR Protocol It was terrific to work with Kamil, who was an intelligent, wise, efficient, and experienced recruiter who can be trusted. Thanks to interpersonal skills, he has excellent relations with both companies and candidates. He is not only a reliable and forward-thinking recruiter but also an inspiring team player. Besides being a joy to work with, Kamil is a take-charge person who can present creative solutions to complex problems and communicate the benefits. He is an asset to any candidates seeking the next adventure in their careers.
Jeffrey S – Lead UX Developer @ Pypestream Working with Jon and Helen was a very pleasant, professional experience. The whole process was smooth and quick, and I felt taken care of the whole time. Prompt responses to my emails, and prudent check-ins to see how interviews went – definitely the people you want on your team when you’re looking for a great job.
Sajad Salmanipour – Software Engineer (Controls) @ ISEE AI Two particular aspects that I would like to mention are Zoe’s level of attention to and patience. She supported me throughout the process, from the very beginning to the end, and helped me land the job smoothly. Her efforts are graceful, and that alone guarantees success.
Kshitij Chawla – Software Manager @ Qopius He did not waste anyone’s time; did his homework beforehand; kept the process moving & transparent for all parties. I enjoyed working with him. Kamil approached me with an opportunity via LinkedIn messages. Soon as I looked at the job description, I knew he had actually read my LinkedIn and was not carpet bombing me. He didn’t ask for “my updated resume” when he saw my LinkedIn seemed up-to-date enough. He quickly scheduled a phone call and found out what he wanted and told me what I wanted, no time wasted for either of us. There were no unnecessary redundant messages where it takes 4 perfunctory messages to get the necessary details. We had the necessary information about the role, skills, company, me and all the necessary info on deciding whether both parties would like to proceed or not. Within 4 messages, including 1 phone call I had with him, I had my first interview. He stayed on top of all developments, making sure neither party missed any updates, passed on the questions and replies promptly, and ensured the waiting times were low. He gave straight, clear answers. His zeal could sometimes be a little annoying 🙂 but I appreciated it because I knew he was the same with the company, which meant I didn’t spend a week wondering what’s happening, keeping any stress build-up to a minimum. I hope to keep working with recruiters like him.
Sofia Vizitiu – Solutions Designer @ Pypestream It was great working with Zoe in my job search. She was attentive, prompt and informative, and made the process as smooth as it could be from beginning to end. Her efforts were critical in obtaining my new position!
Robert Leary – Map Engineer – ISEE AI Throughout my efforts of obtaining a position, I spoke with a handful of recruiters and Zoe was the most prompt, efficient, and helpful. She made the negotiation process effortless and helped me land the job!
Jordan Wise – Senior Software Engineer – Masters of Pie Helen helped my find a great position almost immediately after I started searching, communication was great throughout and would highly recommend 3Cubed!
Divya Kannan – Python developer – Pypesteam Helen is an absolute delight to work with. She is exceptionally well at her job and listens to all your questions and concerns, make sure she addresses it with accurate information. She goes out of her way to work for you, with you and in the best interest of you. I simply cannot recommend her enough! All the very best, Helen!
Matthew Freedman – Design Director – Serious Labs Helen helped me to connect with a fantastic opportunity at a great company and really aided me in advancing my career in a meaningful way. Throughout the process Helen took a personal interest in my progress and provided quick, meaningful answers to any question I sent her way.
Sukrit Shankar – Deep Learning Research Scientist @ Pupil I found Zoë to be a wonderful person, both personally and professionally. She was quite impeccable and immensely instrumental in getting me introduced to various opportunities related to AI and Machine Learning. She is an excellent communicator, and helped the associated company to understand my personal circumstances in times of need. Given her cherubic nature, instantaneous responsiveness and an amazingly responsible personality, she can be a boon to any organization.
Omar Al-Douri – Senior Project Manager @ Melody VR Helen has been instrumental in finding me my perfect role. Her manner is professional and impressionable. Helen helped me make my choice by just providing me the information objectively and then negotiating on my behalf to get the best outcome for me. I would highly recommend her expertise.
Jakub Wesolowski – Motion Graphics Designer / VR Video Compositor @ UNIT 9 Helen is a helpful recruiter. She was very quick on responding to my questions and managed to arrange a few jobs that are closely relevant to my expertise. I highly recommend her.
Maikon Farais – Software Engineer @ Serious Labs Great service! She got me a new job, I am enjoying it a lot. Helped me with all the steps of the hiring process, and kept in touch to make sure it was what I expected. I recommend her service for sure.
Ben Vaughan – Consultant – Vivid Q Helen is highly organized, very responsive and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend her to anyone!
Juliana Lasuncion –360 Post Production and Quality Control @ Melody VR Working with Helen Brown has been great as she is an honest and committed professional. She is reachable, flexible and keeps track of her clients at all times.
Matthew Church – Senior Software Engineer @ Serious Labs Zoë did a great job connecting me with career opportunities and facilitated communication between all parties.
Emanuel Dupuis – Senior Software Engineer @ Masters of Pie Helen has delivered a decisive contribution to my job search in London. She has a deep understanding of 3D/VR software engineering and knows precisely the engineer’s skills sought by innovative and agile companies. She has also the rare talent to appreciate individual skills/capabilities beyond linear professional experience.
Sanjay Karthikeyan – VR/AR Developer @ Serious Labs Helen is, without a doubt, one of the most knowledgeable person in recruiting people in VR/AR/MR Industry. Even though she serves primarily in the UK her international presence is quite excellent I would say. In my case, I live in Canada, and I was contacted by Helen regarding a position in VR/AR industry in Canada and Helen was able to do everything from the UK and her overall work process throughout my recruitment process with a 3rd Party company in Canada was really impressive. She was always been there for me throughout the process and end of the day I got the offer that I always wanted. Helen didn’t just stop there, she always did check with me once in a while, If I was satisfied even after working for six months on this job that I have been recruited for. And I am totally happy about this because I haven’t seen many people going that extra mile and Helen does. I recommend Helen and 3Cubed to both employers and Job Seekers
Charley Matthews – Lead Virtual Reality Designer and Developer @ Vivida Helen helped me to gain my first job after university that was in the field of my study. She is incredibly fast at replying to emails and was able to answer all my questions quickly and accurately. Helen went above and beyond to ensure my needs were met and to make sure I was comfortable with the decisions I made. I would highly recommend Helen to anyone looking for a job in their field.
Lorenzo D’Aguanno – Character Concept Artist @ Rewind I had the pleasure of working with Helen for three months when she helped me find a job in the VR industry. She was always very professional, helpful and quick to reply to my emails and it feels like she really cares about people. Definitely the best experience I have had so far with a recruiter.
Jonathan Landon – CTO @ Heads Up Digital Working wish 3Cubed has been a breeze. Professional and friendly.