Developer Community Manager, REMOTE (US/Europe), Startup, Blockchain

Do you love building enthusiastic and engaged developer communities? Creating vibrant in-person meetups, workshops and hackathons while keeping the momentum going with great online spaces? Are you passionate about globally scaling the most important aspect of the next wave of computing platforms?

As a Technical Community Manager at our client company, you wear a lot of hats and interface directly with a lot of people. Ultimately, you own both the growth and quality of the Company Platform’s core community of developers and entrepreneurs as they use the platform to build DApps of their own.

The role will require substantial community engagement and that magical combination of excellent people skills, a knack for marketing/partnerships and a healthy dose of operational focus. You’ll be the architect of unique and engaging events which showcase the company and help bootstrap local communities (called Guilds) plus a key point of contact for those Guilds as they form and grow. To do this, you’ll need to interface with local partners, hop on the occasional flight and just plain hustle.

While you’ll need to be able to operate autonomously and with initiative, you’ll have the support of the rest of our community, marketing and education teams.

This role is a good fit if you're already deeply engaged with developer communities already.  You're a strong fit if you can't stay away from hackathons, communicate natively via Twitter and maybe even work on a DApp or two in your spare time.

Key responsibilities:

  • Plan and run regular in-person (when possible!) and online events for developers that help them get to know the platform and bring our team strong exposure both in San Francisco and globally.
  • Be the voice of our community to our internal teams so the company continues building the right products to serve their needs.
  • Craft and manage the narrative and personality of the company to its community via planning, writing and editing content.
  • Keep the momentum of our in-person engagements going via supporting our online communities.

Key metrics:

  • Active and engaged community members across Guilds and their sub-communities worldwide.

Key experience:

  • Significant experience putting on events and engaging developer communities with autonomy
  • Strong familiarity with blockchain and its ecosystem
  • Well versed in technical topics