Machine Learning Engineer, REMOTE (USA), AI, Data Fusion

Machine Learning Engineer

We are looking for a driven Machine Learning Engineer to work with our client who is dedicated to improving global commerce. Their AI platform helps to fund and strengthen government institutions, disrupt transnational crime, and distribute the benefits of global commerce more broadly and inclusively.

This is a business that employs and advances the latest machine learning and data engineering technologies to help tackle some of the central challenges of our time.

This is a company that, through artificial intelligence, is unlocking the power of global economic data to make trade safer, more efficient, and more profitable. They are building intelligence, which includes the world’s most comprehensive representation of global commerce activity. This data asset, composed of billions of records, covers more than 40% of cross-border transactions, corporate ownership registries in over 100 countries, the global movements of goods, illicit web activity, and more.

Built on this foundation, their proprietary machine learning technologies and products are designed to help customers manage risk, automate otherwise labor-intensive investigations, and better manage cross-border flows.

We are looking for a talented Machine Learning Engineer to help build this vision, you will be responsible for the building and deployment of machine learning solutions for large, unaddressed market opportunities with real-world, meaningful impact.

This position can be worked remotely, or from the company headquarters located in NYC.

As Machine Learning Engineer and technical team member, you will build the next generation of data management and insight products, involving novel work in natural language processing, multiobjective learning, deep learning, and adversarial learning.

The role

  • Build performant supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised, and reinforcement-learning models that deliver high-quality results when applied to non-stationary and adversarial distributions
  • Apply multi-objective and transfer learning to learn robust general features of global trade risk and enable extension to new risk domains
  • Build full productionalization via robust and performant pipelines feeding into and from these models
  • Build auto-ML systems to produce, test, and QA these models
  • Build systems that update and monitor the evolving performance of these models as the incoming distribution changes
  • Opportunity to work with the top technical and domain experts on our advisory board

A strong candidate will have the following characteristics:

  • B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in an engineering or quantitative discipline, or equivalent work experience
  • Expertise in machine learning and classical statistical analysis
  • Expertise in Python and a static language (C++, Go, etc.)
  • Strong knowledge of Git, Docker, AWS
  • Knowledge of data storage and delivery

Why it’s great to work here

  • We love to collaborate, and we win as a team!
  • We are committed to engineering excellence
  • We value personal and professional development
  • We learn from diverse backgrounds and perspectives
  • We impact the world, from enabling developing countries to identifying drug traffickers

We are an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to inclusion across race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, physical ability, veteran status, and national origin. We offer a comprehensive healthcare package and paid parental leave of 2 months for the primary caregiver and 1 month for the secondary caregiver.